PLANT OF THE MONTH: Early Buttercup 

As I write this in mid-June, my Early Buttercups are long finished blooming and have gone to seed. However, I chose to include them this month simply because I captured an amazing photo of the seed head a couple of weeks ago (which was the subject of this month’s jigsaw puzzle elsewhere on my website – you can access it at and it has me thinking about this plant. 

As usual, the Plant Description and In the Garden sections are courtesy of Shaun Booth from In Our Nature. 

Scientific Name: Ranunculus fascicularis 

Common Name: Early Buttercup 

Family: Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family) 

Alternate Common Names: Acrid Crowfoot, Bundle-root Buttercup, Cowslip, Dwarf Buttercup, Early Crowfoot, Low Buttercup, Prairie Buttercup, Thick-root Buttercup, Tufted Buttercup 

Plant description: Parlin’s Pussytoes feature both basal and alternate leaves. Basal leaves are up to 9.5cm long and 4.5cm wide, toothless and rounded at the tip. 

ARTICLE:  On Buying Native Plants 

Posted on  by ridgetownrick

When I started growing native plants back in 2005/2006, native plant specialty nurseries were few and far between, poorly advertised, and the selection of plants was quite limited. And unfortunately, most of those early native plant nurseries I frequented are no longer in business – some because they couldn’t afford to keep the doors open, some because the owner reached an age where retirement seemed a good choice. 

In this month’s article, I’m going to talk a bit about native plant nurseries I have purchased from over the years and about the ones that are gone, the ones that survived, and the plethora of new ones that are appearing. All this is in anticipation of a new series of articles I plan to start later this month (in week 3) and will keep writing about each month as long as I can gather enough information. The series will be an in-depth look at Native Plant nurseries in the region. In the beginning these will be nurseries that I regularly do business with (there are lots!), but if the topic is popular enough I may try to expand to other nurseries as well. 


Native Plants for the Short Season Yard: Best Picks for the Chinook and Canadian Prairie Zones 

By Lyndon Penner 

  • Publisher: ‎Brush Education, (2016) 
  • Paperback‏:‎ 272 pages 
  • ISBN-10: ‏155059640 
  • Dimensions: 6” X 9” 
  • Price: $9.99 ( – Kindle Edition); $10.49 ( – Kindle Edition)  

– note: at the time of writing, this book appears to be no longer available in print form except as atrociously priced used copies, though you may be able to find it cheaper somewhere other than Amazon. 

Note: This review is adapted and expanded from the one I posted to Amazon after purchasing the book in 2022. I subsequently returned the book as it did not meet my expectations. 

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